TOPDON - UltraDiag - 2-in-1 Diagnostic Scan Tool and Key Programmer

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The Ultra Diag - 2-in-1 Diagnostic Scanner And Key Programmer Tool

Ultra Diag Tablet Only

Meet TOPDON's 2-in-1 scan tool and key programmer, the UltraDiag, offers versatility in both car diagnosis and IMMO. The UltraDiag is capable of performing full OBD2 functions, accessing eight commonly-used maintenance services, and supports full-system diagnosis for 60+ car brands all over the world. Going beyond the standard code reader, the diagnostic side of the tool provides more advanced functions, including a Repair Data Library to quickly start on auto repair jobs, and bidirectional control to accurately locate faulty parts.

This powerful tool can work on car keys and immobilizer systems. The tool offers PIN reading, key learning, remote control learning, and all keys lost functions to expand a shop's capabilities. It's the perfect tool for repair shops and Locksmith shops.

Standout Features that set the UltraDiag apart from the competition:

  • Offline Programming: No internet required while programming! Program your vehicle at your convenience by connecting just once or twice a month to access and update data. Enjoy the freedom of programming anytime, anywhere.
  • Extensive North American Vehicle Compatibility: With OBD support, our product programs the majority of vehicles across North America.