TopDon TC001 Thermal Imaging Camera (USB-C)

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TopDon IR Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera - TC001

The TC Series turns a smartphone into a thermal imager. With this device, a technology that only belonged to special  forces now comes to your smartphone. With many real-world applications, it can be used for cylinder inspections, insulation inspection, water leak inspection, and helps farmers and hunters spot animals at night.
The TC001 is designed to provide accurate thermal imaging for everyone, whether the job is home repair, professional  automotive services, or protecting crops and livestock.



Small & Portable

  • The TC001 is very compact and easily pairs with cell phones. Despite the compact size, it has a heavy-duty aluminum case with a two-meter (6.5 ft.) drop test rating. A very convenient tool for running cylinder tests and insulation work. 

  • The phone is plugged directly into the phone's USB-C plug in, so there is no fear of running out of power outside.

Superior Detail And Clarity

  • With an ultra-high IR resolution camera 256*192, users can see more detail when it matters most.
  • The clarity of the lens is the star feature of TC001/TC002, offering image rotation, and enhancement to make operating more convenient.

Thermal Imaging App-Discover More

  • Users can download the app to view temperature recording data at any time and view or create real-time temperature graphs.  In the APP you can set the temperature range, and if the range is exceeded it will be automatically alerted on the screen.  It is more convenient to use, not all functions need to login to use, you can choose no login APP to use.

Generate temperature records

  • You can manually select several dimensions, such as point, line and surface detection, and generate graphed reports. Inspection records can be viewed at any time in the app.

Highly accurate temperature measurement

  • With a temperature range of -20°C to 400°C (-4°F to 752 °F),the camera provides users with a dependable and high quality experience.

  • The detection temperature reading will fall within ± 2°C (3.6°F) allowing users to accurately detect the temperature.

TODPON's unique image enhancement technology

  • Includes 10 kinds of color palettes, sharpness and contrast adjustment, picture-in-picture and many other functions.
  • Image enhancement technology makes the field of view clearer and more detailed, and enhances the target recognition function.

More Scenarios for Application

  • Insulation inspection
  • HVAC system (vents)
  • Cylinder inspections
  • Water leak inspection


        • Thermal Resolution:256 X 192 pixels
        • Object Temperature Range:-20°C to 400°C(-4°F to 752 °F)
        • Thermal Sensitivity : 50mK
          (Lower mK = higher sensitivity and better images)


        • TC001
        • User Manual
        • EVA Carrying Case


          Requires Android 8.0 or above
          Requires Windows 7, Windows 10 or Windows 11 (64-bit)


            • Warranty Continues with Customer's Subscription
            • 2 Years of Free Software Upgrades


            30-Day Money-Back Guarantee