Magic Motorsport - KHP01 - HyperPedal Throttle Response Controller

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HyperPedal Throttle Response Controller


HyperPedal is an additional control unit that connects the electronic accelerator pedal via original connector and improves the car acceleration.

Main features:

- Accelerator gas pedal control unit

- Easy installation

- Acceleration control on smartphones

- 4x drive modes

- Bluetooth connection



HyperPedal Forget about delays in acceleration


Forget about delays in acceleration


Small, smart and ready to use. HyperPedal gives you control of the accelerator and improves its response. Forget about delays in acceleration.

To make the car more responsive and effective, just connect the device, download the app and enjoy the ride.

- Installs in just a few minutes

- operates via smartphone app

- supports an extensive variety of cars



HyperPedal Choose your driving identity


Four drive modes


Choose your driving identity: Urban, Sport, Sport+ or Hyper mode. Activate your mobile's Bluetooth and sync HyperPedal. You will thus be able to control and increase the response of the pedal through the easy graphical interface.

Whether you prefer sport and adrenaline powered drive or you prefer a quiet urban drive experience, each mode selection guarantees satisfactory accelerator tuning.



HyperPedal Plug and play device


Works on all cars


HyperPedal works on almost any car equipped with an electronic accelerator pedal. Choose your vehicle model and you receive the specific HyperPedal cable.

You can connect the throttle response controller to any type of car engine: petrol, diesel, LPG, hybrid and full electric. Check the list of compatible vehicles.

Installing the accelerator pedal control unit will not cause problems with your car's engine.

You can disconnect the device whenever you want and return to the standard accelerator pedal. Using HyperPedal is safe for your car!









Dynoroad portable dyno car performance


Hyper driving with HyperPedal!


Inside the HyperPedal package you will find the kit necessary for its installation. Connect the device to the original connectors of your car using the provided cable adapter, download the HyperPedal application available on smartphones with Android and iOS systems and you are immediately ready to go!

The HyperPedal in three simple steps:

1. Connect the cables to the accelerator pedal electronics of the vehicle
2. Connect the add-on-device
3. Download the app and select a drive mode