LOKI - TESLA Model 3 Secured Configuration Plugin

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Secured Configuration plugin allows to modify the following parameters:

  • VIN – Vehicle identification number (VIN) is required when changing the MCU or using donor certificates.
  • Carcomputer_pn, carcomputer_sn – MCU Serial Number, required when changing the MCU.
  • Country – Change country configuration, necessary for changing headlight flashing algorithms to European standards, adapting cars for the Asian market to European standards.
  • Autopilot – Change autopilot type, for example, to FSD.
  • SuperchargingAccess – Activation of supercharger access (v1, v2).
  • PerformancePackage – Activation of Performance or Acceleration Boost depending on motor types.
  • ConnectivityPackage – Lifetime activation of Premium Connectivity.
  • SoftRange – Removing software battery capacity restrictions where applicable.
  • ImmersiveAudio – Activation of additional audio system features.

Supply slip includes the cable LC005 the connection of LOKI to MCU.