LOKI - Plugin for Key FOB Pairing/Programming for TESLA Model X Feature

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Additional software that extends the functionality of the Loki device and allows you to pair Key Fob to Tesla Model X, including All Keys Lost.

Plug-in supports to pair key to any version of the key security module (currently versions SE v3 and SE v4) to Tesla Model X with Tegra and Intel processors.

To pair key, you must:

• connect the Loki scanner with the LC003-CX cable to the vehicle's CAN bus;

• connect the USB key adapter (included) to the Loki scanner;

• connect the Loki scanner to the Internet;

• install «clean» key in USB key adapter;

• To pair key through the plug-in menu.

Tesla’s vehicle software is updated regularly if you have problems adding keys - write to the manager or customer support department.