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Introducing the Hexprog II programming tool, the pinnacle of ECU cloning and chip tuning advancements. Through meticulous observation of the strengths and weaknesses of previous generations, we have created a solution that attends to every detail.

Our extensive experience has been harnessed to develop a lightning-fast, dependable, and user-friendly software. The outcome is nothing short of remarkable an extraordinary tool that seamlessly caters to the needs of its users.


Hexprog II Functions

On Bench Chip Tuning

The most reliable method to repair or modify ECM/TCM

OBD Chip tuning

A fast and easy method to do Ecu Chip Tuning or repairing

BMW ISN reading

Only with Hexprog you get ISN from all BMW DME/DDE

Hexprog II Key Features
  • Master version: Unlike the Salve version in other tools, with Hexprog II users can read/write files without restrictions.
  • Dedicated tool for Chip Tuning, Ecu Repair and Ecu Cloning.
  • Supports one of the largest Ecu/Tcu list in Cars, Trucks, Bikes and Tractors for Ecu cloning and Chip Tuning, check Hexprog II Ecu List
  • Supports both old and latest Ecus/Tcus from Bosch, Continental, Delphi, Marelli, Denso, Temic, TRW and Valeo.
  • Reads all BMW long ISN from BMW DME and DDE including MD1 and MG1 in F/G series
  • Supports reading/writing P-Flash, D-Flash, External Flash and External EEPROM, Auto Checksum is supported for both Flash and External Flash
  • Users can request services like IMMO OFF, DPF OFF, EGR OFF, Addblue,...etc online from Hexprog website

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Hexprog Portal

Hexprog II users can use this portal to get support by our ticketing support system, access online services and to manage their Hexprog License

We made a demo account, you can use it to check what real users can see

  1. Go to Hexprog II Portal Login Page
  2. Use hexprog.demo@microtronik.com as the user name
  3. Use micro^tronik as the password

Please understand that this is a demo account, you can only navigate the services!



Hexprog II Main Unit
Hexprog II Main Unit

The main part of Hexprog II Kit

No more external adapters

OBD Cable
OBD cable

Used for ECU/TCU Chip tuning and repair by OBD

Bench Wires
Hexprog II Bench Wires

This kit of wires is used for powering and connecting signals to Ecu/Tcu

Jtag and BDM Cables
JTAG and BDM Cables

Used for different connection methods including JTAG, Nexus, BDM, NBD...

Power Supply 14V
Power Supply

A special power supply for Hexprog II, 14.5V 3A

USB Cable
USB Cable

Hexprog II adopts the High Speed USB (480 Mbps)


On Bench Chip Tuning/Ecu Cloning

Our advanced system offers you the ability to effortlessly read and write various memory types, including P-Flash, D-Flash, External Flash, and external EEPROM. What sets our solution apart is the convenient option of automatic checksum correction.

When it comes to accessing Ecus, you'll have two highly effective methods at your disposal:

  • Bench Mode: Experience the convenience of this option, which eliminates the need to open the Ecu cover. By simply plugging in the required power and signal wires, you can quickly and easily begin working with the Ecu.
  • Boot mode: In situations where the Ecu is unresponsive, our boot mode comes to the rescue. To utilize this method, opening the Ecu and connecting the boot wire to the Ecu board is necessary. This approach proves invaluable when troubleshooting and resolving issues with non-responsive Ecus.
Hexprog II Chip Tuning On Bench (Factory Mode)
Hexprog II Chip Tuning On Bench (Factory Mode)

Compare to Hexprog

Hexprog II stands as a specialized tool that caters to both Ecu repair and chip tuning needs. This dedicated solution is specifically designed to excel in these areas, providing unparalleled functionality and performance.

On the other hand, Hexprog is a versatile multi-function tool, you gain the ability to read and write Immo modules, including CAS and BCM. It also offers support for Keys Reset and EEProms reset, adding to its comprehensive range of capabilities.

Hexprog II supports all types of protocols/connetion methods of any Ecu/Tcu, but it does not support other functions available in Hexprog.

However, it's important to note that Hexprog has certain limitations. While it covers a wide range of functionalities, it does not support all types of Ecus/Tcus connections, such as DAP, NBD, and certain JTAG variants.

To better understand the differences between Hexprog and Hexprog II, refer to the table below for an overview of their key distinctions:



Hexprog II

Microprocessor Speed

220 MHz

220 MHz

USB Speed

High Speed (480 Mbps)

High Speed (480 Mbps)

Powering Ecu/Tcu

Requires Power Module

Built In

Ecu Connection

Require External adapaters

Built In


Not Supported


CAS Support


Not Supported

Key Reset


Not Supported

Ecu List

Supports most Ecus/Tcus

Supports all Ecus/Tcus


1 Year

3 Years