AUTEL - XP400PRO - (Upgrade IM608/IM600 to IM608/IM600Pro) - KEY TOOLS

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The AUTEL XP400Pro: Advanced All-in-One Key Programmer

The XP400Pro is a replacement for XP400. Additional functionality for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, as well as EEPROM reading. With the new protocols, the end-user will be able to read over 2000 (chips, components, devices) types including EEPROM and MCU Read, additional Odometer Read/Write, and more.  Also, added functions for EWS3, W209, NEC, and more.

The new XP400Pro supports key renewal on 11 key types with additional IMKPA Adapter Set

XP400 pro


The XP400Pro key and chip programmer, compatible with the IM508 and IM608, reads/writes and learns keys to the vehicle. The XP400Pro enables programming of infrared keys for Mercedes vehicles and IC Chip keys on late model Hyundai KIA vehicles. The XP400 also performs EEPROM-data functions needed for European vehicles. The XP400Pro supports Data Read/Write of 3,000 Plus Chip Types (inc. EEPROM, engine ECU, MCU, IMMO ECU).

Main Features:

  1. XP400PRO Advanced All-in-One Key Programmer
  2. XP400Pro Key and Chip Programmer Reads/Writes and Learns Keys to the Vehicle
  3. Performs EEPROM-data Functions Needed for European Vehicles
  4. Enables Programming of Infrared Keys for Mercedes Vehicles and IC Chip Keys on Late Model Hyundai Kia Vehicles
  5. Supports Data Read/Write of 3,000 Plus Chip Types (including EEPROM, engine ECU, MCU, IMMO ECU)
  6. Compatible with the IM508 and IM608, Auro IM100, IM600


1. Upgraded from XP400, No costly mistake for burning it out by misconnection with cars anymore.

2. Extended IMMO functions on BMW, BENZ and Audi


Please note: XP400Pro is compatible with IM100 / IM600

The only thing the IM100 and IM600 will not have when used with XP400Pro is the 4 channel Lab-scope software and AutoAuth.

• Expanded EEPROM functions for more component access
• 170+ types Odometer component reading functions
• 180+ Immobilizer ECU component types
• 40+ Engine ECU component types
• 2000+ MCU component types
• 440+ EEPROM component types
• Compatible with IM508 and IM608
• Includes 1-Year Warranty
• Free Software Updates for Life of Tool

XP400Pro adds support for following chips:

  • EEPROM-->>AMD-->>AM29FXXX series chip
  • EEPROM-->> FUJITSU-->> MB29FXXX series chip
  • EEPROM-->> ST-->> M29FXXX series chip
  • Engine control module-->> ST-->> M29FXXX series chip
  • IMMO-->> BENZ-->> ESL W209, W906 (Motorola) read/write/erase function
  • IMMO-->> BMW-->>EWS3 module read/write function
  • REMOTE_RENEW(renew key)-->> NEC-->> V51 and V5 chip read/write/erase 

XP400Pro adds support for following adapter boards (IMKPA Adapter Set - Optional Accessories): 

  • APB113 PCF79XX adapter board
  • APB114 EWS3 adapter board
  • APB115 NEC adapter board
  • APB118 NEC ELV adapter board
  • APB119 TB28FXXX adapter board
  • APB120 TMS370 adapter board
  • APB121 AM29FXXX adapter board
  • APB122 AM29FXXX adapter board 1
  • APB123 AM29FXXX adapter board 2
  • APB126 M35080/D80 adapter board
  • APB127 MC68HC0(7)05BXX adapter board
  • APB128 MC68HC05X32 adapter board