AUTEL - MS909ADAS - MS909 + ADAS Expansion MaxiSys Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool and J2534 Interface

AUTEL - MS909ADAS - MS909 + ADAS Expansion MaxiSys Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool and J2534 Interface

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AUTEL MaxiSYS MS909 + ADAS Expansion

OBD2 Bi-Directional Dual Wi-Fi Diagnostic Scanner and J2534 VCI 

AUTEL MS909 Smart Diagnosis Scanner: Get to know Autel Intelligent Diagnostic from MS909, MS919, MaxiSys Ultra!

Intelligent Features:

  • TSB: Official statement to eliminate unnecessary inspection process
  • Repair Assist: DTCs Rank by Priority, Step By Step Repair Guidance, Precise Recommendation Of Parts Location, Diagram & Other Info.
  • DTC AnalysisPossible Symptoms, Possible Causes, Possible Solutions
  • Relevant CasesOE Repair History & Library

Note: Intelligent Diagnostics functions are not universal to all the vehicles, please send VIN to check comparability before you order!

Advanced Functions:

  • 36+ Service Functions: MS909 can perform comprehensive vehicle-specific service and special functions like Oil Reset, EPB Reset, SAS Calibration, DPF Regeneration, Battery Registration, Throttle Matching, Suspension Calibration, ABS Bleed, Injector Coding, Power Balance, Crankshaft Position Variation Learn and etc.
  • Active Tests/ Bi-directional Control: Autel MS909 the latest automotive diagnostic scan tool comes with bi-directional control capability to control and activate various vehicle systems, sub-systems or components like ABS pump, valves, window, door, roof, lamps and etc to perform active tests to check whether they are functioning well as they should.
  • ECU CodingUpdate the computer software on the vehicle to the latest version, as well as to reprogram adaptive data for certain components after making repairs or replacements.

NOTE: Services, Active Test, ECU Coding functions are NOT universally compatible. Please send VIN number and functions to check compatibility before you order!

AUTEL MaxiSys: Highlights to Boost Work Efficiency

Professional Autel scanner Autel MaxiSys MS909, MS919 and MaxiSys Ultra include the upgraded MaxiFlash VCI, with which specially designed features to make your work easy and fast.


  • Dual Wi-Fi: Fastest and stable wireless data communication between MaxiSys diagnosis tablet and your vehicle, speed up to 164 feet/50m, increases by 30% compared to its precedents. Other WIFI is for connecting your MS909 to Internet for update the latest software anytime.
  • Operation Navigation: Auto scan tool features with operation navigation, just like your computer, you can always know which steps are you in, what module are you checking on and quickly for better diagnostic guidance.


Pre-Scan and Post-Scan function, a truly practical function for car workshops:

  • Step 1. Auto SCAN the Vehicle: the Auto VID function can automatically identify the vehicle and all equipped systems, codes and code details will be listed.
  • Step 2. Print Pre-SCAN Report with customized with shop and vehicle information.
  • Step 3. Repair Vehicle: creates efficient repair plan from the start.
  • Step 4. Auto SCAN Repaired Vehicle: ensures no new faults were created during repair and no DTCs are present at completion.
  • Step 5. Print Post-SCAN Report: proves all DTCs on Pre-SCAN report are fixed.


AUTEL MaxiSys Automotive Scan Tool: Advanced MaxiFlash VCI

MS909, MS919, MaxiSys Ultra automotive diagnostic computer is able to perform OE level all systems diagnostics on over 80 makes and models to retrieve vehicle ECU information, read and clear codes, view live data stream of multiple sensors.

  • Supported to OE-Diagnostic ProtocolsD-PDU/J2534/RP1210 OE-diagnostic protocols.
  • Supported to CAN FD/ DoIP Protocols: Transmission speed up to 4.05Mbit, 14 times faster than CAN2.0A/B.
  • Supported to More Vehicle Models: The agreement currently applies to GM models in the second half of 2009, Volvo models after 2018, L-and Rover / Jaguar models after 2017, BMW F chassis G chassis.


NOTE: The CAN FD/DoIP protocols are not universal to all the vehicles. The CAN-FD protocol is mostly applicable for GM produced in the second half of 2019, and the DOIP protocol mainly supports Volvo after 2018, Land Rover/Jaguar after 2017, BMW: F and G chassis.


Major Updates 09.2021:

Tesla: Supports Basic Function including ECU Information, Live Data, Read/ Erase Codes, as well as 41 Hot Special Functions including BMS Reset Alert, BMS Clear Contactor Stress Index, EPB Service Mode, Brake Bleed and Read/Write TPMS Sensor ID for Model X and Model S.

Toyota: 1. Adds Diagnostic Support for Supra of 2019-2021, and 65 New Models, Realizing Full Coverage of Models. 2. Adds Intelligent Recommendation Function for Hot DTCs for Corolla of 2010-2019 for North America.

Benz: 1. Supports, 24 Models of 2021 including A 200 4MATIC,GLA 180, GLA 200,EQA 250 and EQA 300.2. Adds Hot Functions including ECU Information, Trouble Codes, Oil Reset, etc. for 243/298 Chassis.

BMW: 1. Adds More than 900 DTCs, More than 80 Live Data terms and More than 3,000 DTC Analyses. 2. Adds Diagnostic Support & Topology Function for Models up to April 2021.

VAG: 1.Supports Basic Functions (Read Codes, Live Data, Active Test Basic Settings and Learning) for Models up to 2021. 2. Adds 252 Guide Functions in 13 Categories including DPF, SAS, EPB and Oil Reset for WW, Audi and Skoda.

Chrysler: 1. Adds Functions for 12 Models of 2020-2021 such as K8-Grand commander, PD-Neon and VM-ProMaster city. 2. Improves 720 Special Functions for 48 Models of 2020-2021 Honda. 3. Adds Functions for 21 Models of 2021such as Ballade Hybrid. Breeze Hybrid, Breeze PHEV.


Network Topology Module Mapping

Autel MaxiSys M909, MS919 and MaxiSys Ultra offer a revolutionary Network Topology Module Mapping design to give you the distinctive diagnostic results:

  • Displays the entire system through the Topology Map to glance all the modules with faults, which is easy to locate faults and causes.
  • Color-coded topology displays all system status in one page
  • View structure of communication between modules
  • Makes Supported: BMW, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, GM, Chrysler, Nissan, Honda, Toyota-Lexus, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Kia, Volvo.

NOTE: Please be noted that Topology is not universal to all the above vehicle brand models, please send your VIN to us before you place order.


Please send us your tool SN after you receive it and we will activate Remote Expert / Remote Programming on your tool. This feature is only available from Authorized Autel US Distributors at this time.