AUTEL - MSULTRAEV - MaxiSys Ultra EV w/ TESLA CABLES - Oscilloscope, Waveform Generator, J2534 VCMI - SCAN TOOL

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Intelligent Diagnostics, Advanced 5-in-1 VCMI with Oscilloscope, TSB, Repair Tips/Video Library, Repair Assist, Network Topology

Autel MaxiSys Ultra 2021 Most Intelligent Diagnostic Scan Tool

The history of Autel diagnostics is a foundation of success built on ingenuity and a revolution of design and functionality.

AUTEL MaxiSys Ultra is the future intelligent diagnostic scan tool, a larger tablet for multi-window operation, which can Maximize your intelligence with powerful hardware.

Faster analysis and expanded data storage meet busy repair demands with substantial battery capacity, HD dual cameras capture every detail.

Wi-Fi connection to the VCMI device and a wireless network simultaneously for faster diagnostics. The MaxiFlash VCMI is more powerful than ever, multi-channel simultaneous analysis test components and confirm repairs new protocols to support the vehicles of today and tomorrow expanded passenger and increasing commercial vehicle coverage. Complete diagnostic detection system analysis and repair confirmation in one to five and one combination (5-IN-1) vehicle communication and measurement interface. Easier oscilloscope operation with built-in preset guided test for operation and analysis, faster system communication. Multi-function detection Using OBD2 CAN BUS CHECK. Ultra smarter than ever, faster VIN Scan recognition for vehicle identification new topology mapping of CAN BUS tree with color coded module status for faster full system diagnostic results, Ultra intelligent diagnostics provides direct access to OE-related TSB recalls and service campaigns, REPAIR ASSIST diagnostics guidance is designed to support from DTC diagnostic analysis, to repair recommendation options easily and efficiently. Ultra MaxiFIX, more efficiently than ever, search multiple options of DTC based repair advice by relevant cases or repair tips video and documentary libraries, providing direct access to to-ranked repair recommendation from industry pros. Everything you have been waiting for -This is MaxiSys UltraEV.


  • HIGH-VOLTAGE SYSTEM DIAGNOSE & BLOCK DIAGRAM - Autel MaxiSys UltraEV provides the highest high-voltage system diagnosis level for new energy vehicles, which can generates specific high-voltage system block diagrams for ECU system modules like SME, TEE1, CCU, IHKA, etc. Based on the clear high voltage system block diagram, it can distinct display the relationship between inner components in wireframing form diagram: display high-voltage line loop, power detection loop etc.
  • BATTERY PACK TEST & OFFLINE BATTERY PACK DIAGNOSTICS - With EVDiag Box new energy diagnostic box, MaxiSys UltraEV can quickly establish communication with Power battery of new energy vehicle to realize offline battery pack diagnosis. You can check battery pack data, including SOC/SOH, voltage, current, pack voltage delta, temperature and battery pack status. This intelligent scan tool provides offline battery pack diagnostics to ensure each battery is safely installed in the correct location.
  • ONE-STOP INTELLIGENT DIAGNOSTICS, TOPOLOGY MAP 2.0 - Upgrade of Autel Ultra/ MS919/ MS909EV, Autel Ultra EV provides top intelligent diagnosis, which build-in overall comprehensive database, including TSB, DTC Analysis, Repair Assist, Repair Tips, component measurement, related cases for repair reference. When specific fault codes is occurred, it can matched database to carry out intelligent diagnosis. Topology map 2.0 can visually display the relationship between systems via different colors.
  • ECU PROGRAMMING, ECU CODING - op Intelligent scan tool Autel MaxiSys UltraEV has ECU programming & coding for new energy, hybrid, gas diesel vehicles. It can program/ rewrite/ code/ match the blank ECUs, reprogram adaptive data of components after repair or replacement, rem-ap control unit, update software to latest ver., refresh hidden functions, modify default parameter values to improve vehicle performance.
  • 40+ SERVICE, ACTIVE TEST -AUTEL Ultra EV supports massive service functions to troubleshoot issues, such as: Oil Reset, EPB, BMS, Brake Bleed, IMMO, Injector, SAS, Suspension, Thrott-le, Odome-ter, Headlamp, CHG Tire Size, ABSSRS, Cylinder, Brake Pa-ds Replacement, Fuel Injector, A/F Adjustment, Engine Pow-er Balance etc. Autel Ultra EV offers bi-directional control, which can send command to activate the actu-ators and determines the integrity by monitoring the operation of the actua-tors. 

Tesla: Supports Basic Function including ECU Information, Live Data, Read/ Erase Codes, as well as 41 Hot Special Functions including BMS Reset Alert, BMS Clear Contactor Stress Index, EPB Service Mode, Brake Bleed and Read/Write TPMS Sensor ID for Model X and Model S.

Toyota: 1. Adds Diagnostic Support for Supra of 2019-2021, and 65 New Models, Realizing Full Coverage of Models. 2. Adds Intelligent Recommendation Function for Hot DTCs for Corolla of 2010-2019 for North America.

Benz: 1. Supports, 24 Models of 2021 including A 200 4MATIC,GLA 180, GLA 200,EQA 250 and EQA 300.2. Adds Hot Functions including ECU Information, Trouble Codes, Oil Reset, etc. for 243/298 Chassis.

BMW: 1. Adds More than 900 DTCs, More than 80 Live Data terms and More than 3,000 DTC Analyses. 2. Adds Diagnostic Support & Topology Function for Models up to April 2021.

VAG: 1.Supports Basic Functions (Read Codes, Live Data, Active Test Basic Settings and Learning) for Models up to 2021. 2. Adds 252 Guide Functions in 13 Categories including DPF, SAS, EPB and Oil Reset for WW, Audi and Skoda.

Chrysler: 1. Adds Functions for 12 Models of 2020-2021 such as K8-Grand commander, PD-Neon and VM-ProMaster city. 2. Improves 720 Special Functions for 48 Models of 2020-2021 Honda. 3. Adds Functions for 21 Models of 2021such as Ballade Hybrid. Breeze Hybrid, Breeze PHEV.

Unprecedented Intelligent Diagnostics

Autel MaxiSys Ultra 2021 Most Intelligent Diagnostic Scan Tool

The intelligent auto diagnosis and repair scanner MaxiSys Ultra is Autel’s most ambitious diagnostic tool to date. It takes fault guidance as the core, integrates TSB, fault code details, and improve technicians' maintenance level and efficiency.

OE Technical Service Bulletin (TSB): Official fault statement, minimize tedious maintenance process.

Trouble Code Details: Analyze the definition of the trouble code, its cause and repair method.

Fault Guidance: Step-by-step guidance to efficiently solve multiple faults.

Maintenance Process: Graphic or video explanation of maintenance ideas and operation steps.

Component Measurement: ln-depth judgment of components combined with oscilloscopes, etc.

Related Maintenance Cases: Real maintenance cases, guide maintenance solutions.

NOTE: The functions are not universally compatible for all the cars.

  1. REPAIR GUIDED ASSISTANCE: supports: BMW, GM, JLR, Ford, Chrysler, Porsche, VW, Audi.
  3. Ultra does NOT perform TPMS services. IMMO function work on few low-immo grade vehicles ONLY.


Advanced 5-IN-1 VCMI ( VCI Connection + Oscilloscope + Waveform Generator + Multimeter + CAN UBS CHECK )

Autel MaxiSys Ultra 2021 Most Intelligent Diagnostic Scan Tool

The VCMI of Autel Ultra is integrated with VCI functions + Oscilloscope + Waveform Generator + Multimeter + CAN UBS CHECK, which making the tool has never been so powerful.

  • 1. VCI Connection (Wi-Fi / BT / USB):

Support Dual Wireless Mode, the new host and communication box are connected through Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi communication transmission speed is faster\more stable\strong anti-interference ability, the actual test wireless distance is more than 50m, and the diagnosis speed is more than 30% faster.

  • 2. Oscilloscope:

VCMI integrated oscilloscope, through 4 major technologies: Large Bandwidth, High Sampling Rate, Deep Storage, Massive Preset Cases, supports 2 major features: Zoom & Playback, Advanced Triggering, improving the efficiency of solving complex faults.

Ultra-Precision: 20MHz large bandwidth, up to 80MS/s sampling rate, accurate waveform acquisition, covering a wide range of vehicles

More Complete: 32M memory, can capture complex signals, amplify and playback waveforms; support advanced edge triggering and pulse triggers, do not miss any key events.

Easy to Use: Built-in massive preset case and waveform library, supplemented by instant help system

PS: Oscilloscope instant help system: After selecting any function on the oscilloscope screen, click the "bulb" icon to instantly locate the corresponding function in the manual.

  • 3. Waveform Generator:

Supports multiple signal modes, including DC voltage, square wave, square wave (X+Y), triangle wave, actuator drive and arbitrary waveform. Simulate the signals of various sensors and ECU modules, you can intuitively judge whether it is a hardware problem without changing parts.

  • 4. Multimeter:

The Multimeter is mainly used to measure voltage, current, resistance, frequency, diode, duty cycle, pulse width and connectivity.


By detecting the signal of the OBD interface, you can quickly determine whether the communication status is normal. If the signal is normal, the indicator light will flash; if there is no signal, make sure the pins are set correctly.

Module Network Topology

Autel MaxiSys Ultra 2021 Most Intelligent Diagnostic Scan Tool

System Topology: Autel 2021 Newest most powerful automotive diagnostic scan tool MS Ultra Display the entire system through a Topology Map to have a full map of the all the modules, normal or abnormal. And number of the DTCs are marked out for easy to location of the faults. And just one click, you can access to the fault module directly and the DTC definition and suggested reasons are listed, improving your working efficiency highest than ever.

NOTE: Topology is not universal to all the vehicles, please check VIN for compatibility before you order!