AUTEL - MSOAK - MaxiSys Oscilloscope Accessory Kit - Oscilloscope

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AUTEL MaxiSys MSOAK, compatible with the MaxiFlash VCMI included with the MaxiSys Ultra and MS919, and the MP408 4-channel oscilloscope (sold separately)


  • 65A AC/DC Low Current Clamp & 650A AC/DC High Current Clamp
    • When measuring AC or DC with the current clamp, you can connect it with a multimeter or an oscilloscope to directly read the current value without physical contact with the conductor. The current clamp measures a maximum current of 65A with a frequency up to 20 KHz. It works with jaws that open to allow clamping around an electrical conductor. And the 650A AC/DC current clamp measures a maximum current of 650A with a frequency up to 400 KHz.
  • Coil On Plug Probe
    • It can catch the ignition waveform of automobile engine easily. The ignition waveform is a window, through which we can see what happened in the engine combustion chambers. It can be used with normal oscilloscope. Special anti-interference design, high accuracy of measurement. With highlight LED, can be arbitrary curved. Use it to check: ignition plug status; fuel injector; oil pollution; carbon deposition; storage battery.
  • HT Extension Lead (2pcs)
  • Battery Clip (2pcs)
  • Blow-molded carrying case


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