AUTEL- Alignment 14K Scissor Lift

AUTEL- Alignment 14K Scissor Lift

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The AUTEL Alignment Scissor Lift is a flush/surface-mounted hydraulic car lift compatible with passenger cars and light trucks and is available in 12,000 and 14,000-pound capacity versions.

Included are front and rear opening runways, flip-down wheel stops, and low angle approach ramps for easier access. The ADAS Bay Max also features stainless steel front radius plates and rear slip plates and turn plate pocket protectors for more effective paint protection.

The Double-wide runways with built-in “Z” rails are structurally stronger and eliminate sagging or flexing; delivering far more accurate alignments. The stainless-steel air lock release system ensures a longer life and less maintenance, while the industrial-grade Krown rust proofing and premium double baked powder coat finish provide ultimate corrosion protection. Built-in runway air tire inflation kits at each wheel, shatterproof undercarriage LED lighting with automatic shut off, and an enclosed console power control unit are also standard. The Autel Alignment Scissor Lift is Made in North America and ALI Certified and includes a one-year limited warranty on lift parts, five-year warranty on hydraulic jack parts, one-year warranty on lift table parts and hydraulic components, 90-days on front turn plates, rear slip plate and bearings, and air kit and LED lighting kits.


  • Flush-mounted Hydraulic Alignment Scissor Lift
  • 2 Configurations Available: 14K Lift with two 7K capacity Jacking Beams, and 12K Lift with two 6K capacity Jacking Beams
  • Stainless Steel Front Radius Plates and Rear Slip Plates
  • Front and Rear-opening Runways with Flip Down Wheel Stops
  • 26"-wide space saving Runways
  • Built-in Runway Air Tire inflation Kit at each wheel
  • Auto shut off shatterproof LED Lighting Kits
  • Enclosed Console Control Power Unit
  • Premium Double Baked Powder Coating Finish and Industrial-grade Rust Proofing
  • 100% North American made and ALI Certified (AULS12ALOR1, AULS14ALOR1)
Capacity 14,000 lbs. / 6.4T
Overall Length 260-3/4″ / 6623mm
Deck Length 203″ / 5156mm
Overall Width 91-1/2″ / 2324mm
Width Between Runways 41″ / 1041mm
Deck Width 23″ / 584 mm
Lowered Height 10-3/4″ / 273mm
Raised Height 74″ / 1880 mm
Minimum 4 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase 84″ / 2235mm
Maximum 4 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase 164-1/2″ / 4178mm
Maximum 2 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase 178″ / 4521mm
Maximum Service Wheelbase 185” / 4699mm
Lift Time 58 Seconds
Power Requirements 230 Volts AC – 60 Hz – 1 PH – 25amp
Shipping Weight 6,230 lbs. / 2.8T