ES200 EV Insulation Resistance Tester and Milliohm Meter - Launch USA

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EV Insulation Resistance Tester

ES200-EV Insulation Resistance Tester

Insulation resistance meters are commonly known as megohm meters, or shake meters, high resistance meters, insulation resistance testers, etc. It is reflected by insulation resistance. The product insulation resistance which is measured refers to the insulation resistance between the live part and the exposed non-live metal part(case). Using an insulation tester for measurement can effectively protect the safety of maintenance personnel.

  1. ES200 s capable of measuring insulation resistance, and also innovatively increases the voltage measurement function.
  2. Equipped with standard resistance, in the comparison measurement mode, the measured resistance value is compared with the standard resistance to ensure the measurement accuracy.
  3. Three measurement modes: timing measurement, comparison measurement, continuous measurement and omnidirectional measurement.



The ES200 insulation tester is equipped with advanced measurement and data processing software that enables it to perform complete measurements of insulation resistance, voltage and other parameters in hybrid vehicles. Its reliable performance and user-friendly handling make it ideal for on-site measurements and maintenance of vehicles with high-voltage batteries and power supply lines. This is particularly important after repairs to vehicles with high-voltage technology, as manufacturer requirements often stipulate a final insulation test.




Measures insulation resistance

Insulation resistance refers to the leakage current of the insulation material between the live part and the exposed non-live metal part (housing).


Electric vehicle batteries have high voltage characteristics. The use of an insulation tester for measurement can effectively increase the safety of maintenance personnel.

Variable High Voltage DC Output

Depending on the product, different values of DC high voltage are applied, e.g. 500V, 1000V, 2500V

etc. and a minimum safe insulation resistance value is specified. If the measured resistance is below

this value, there is a risk of electric shock.

Wide measuring range

For different output voltages, resistance measurement ranges from 10 MOhm to 1000 MOhm.