AUTEL- TS508WFK-1  - TS508WF TPMS Tool and (8) Sensors - TPMS

AUTEL- TS508WFK-1 - TS508WF TPMS Tool and (8) Sensors - TPMS

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  • AUTEL TS508WF TPMS tool and (8) 1-sensors with rubber press-in valve in a case

    The TS508WFK-1 kit includes the TS508WF TPMS tool and eight programmable Autel 1-Sensors. The TS508WF is a TPMS service tool. It is Autel's first non-tablet tool providing Wi-Fi software updates. It features Quick and Advance modes of TPMS service and a TPMS status screen. It can read/activate/relearn all known sensors, has 4 methods of MX-Sensor programming, and performs placard value resets on supported vehicles. The TS508WF displays on-tool MX-Sensor relearn procedures including OBDII and can do key fob signal tests. It includes an OBDII cable, a 1-year tool warranty, and free lifetime software updates are available with purchase.

    • 8 Autel 1-Sensors Included
    • Quick Mode & Advanced Mode Options
    • Read/Activate/Relearn All Known Sensors
    • Detect & Display TPMS System Faults
    • Display Vehicle-Specific Relearn Procedures; Perform OBDII Relearns
    • Placard Value Reset on Supported Vehicles
    • 4 Programming Options: MX-Sensors Only
    • TPMS System Status Screen
    • Key Fob Signal Test
    • FREE Lifetime Software (lifetime of tool) & 1Yr Warranty
    • Display Sensor ID, Battery Life (on supported sensors) and Psi
    • Includes OBDII Cable
    • Software Updates via PC / Easy-To-Use Navigation
    • 2.3" Color Display 320x240
    • 3200mAh Lithium-polymer Battery

    What's in the box?

    • TS508WF Main Unit
    • OBDII Cable
    • USB Cable Adapter
    • MX-Sensors: 1-Sensor Rubber Valve (Press-in) x8
    • Carry Case
    • Quick Reference Guide