Xhorse Key Reader and Blade Skimmer - XDKR00GL - Works with Xhorse App, Condor Key Cutting Machines

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The Xhorse KEY READER is a professional and portable key identification device designed by Xhorse, which is able to identify car keys (including plastic keys and aluminum keys) quickly and accurately on the market. The picture below shows its appearance. It features a small screen that displays the working status and related info about the device. On the top, there is a keyhole in which you can insert your key.



  • Accurate and efficient identification of key bitting
  • Mobile Xhorse APP control is easy to use
  • Works with the following Xhorse key cutting machines: Condor XC-Mini Plus, Dolphin XP-005, Dolphin XP-005L 


What can the Xhorse KEY READER do?

Designed to identify key bitting through its built-in optical system. Users can obtain the specific key bitting and cut key directly via Xhorse APP or Xhorse key cutting machines. This could save tons of time and effort as well as offer an easier and more optimized user experience.


To use KEY READER, you'll need to download Xhorse APP which you can then use to finish various tasks. You can also use Xhorse key cutting machines with screens to finish the work.

Step 1:
Connect KEY READER to Xhorse APP via WiFi or Bluetooth
Step 2: Insert the key into KEY READER
Step 3: Click 'Identification' to acquire key bitting
Step 4: Cut key directly on connected key cutting machine