THINKCAR - VENU 5- Series Universal Programmable TMPS Tire Pressure Sensor - TPMS

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The VENU 5 serves as an ideal substitute for most OE-level sensors. Utilizing a VENU tire pressure tool, data from OE-level tire pressure sensor modules can be replicated and programmed an infinite number of times. The THINKCAR VENU 5 Pro, an enhanced model of the VENU 5, boasts dual-frequency capabilities of 315MHz and 433MHz, ensuring strong signal transmission with an activation range up to 75cm. It is engineered to be compact and easily transportable, with minimal power consumption and a battery life ranging from 4 to 6 years. This device supports swift programming and is compatible with VENU tire pressure tools for limitless programming, greatly simplifying the process for users. After installation, it eliminates the need for complex dynamic balance adjustments, enhancing user-friendliness. The THINKCAR VENU 5 Pro is the optimal choice for effortless tire pressure monitoring, suitable for both professional mechanics and daily car users.