FCAR F506 - Pocket Medium/Heavy Duty Scan Tool - 6/9 PIN

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Professional Diagnostic Code Scanner for All Systems - FCAR F506

FCAR F506- Focusing on developing professional diagnostic tools that transform the needs of global customers into innovative products with strong R&D and production capabilities, sincerely bring you the latest version of F506 in 2020--An excellent scanner for all Truck & all systems, which is a smart choice for enthusiasts, independent repairs, specialized garages and technicians.


Why you need a auto diagnostic tool?

Do you know the specific problem of your truck before taking it to the auto repair shop? If no, you will need this auto scanner.

Why you need a auto diagnostic tool?

Do you know the specific problem of your truck before taking it to the auto repair shop? If no, you will need this auto scanner.

Have you been cheated by the repair store? If yes, we recommend you to purchase this dianostic code reader.

Do you want to save more money in diagnosis and repair? If yes, we definitely recommend you to purchase F506 full systems scan tool.

With the F506 , you won't be fooled by the store anymore. You will know what went wrong with the truck, which sensors need to be replaced and which do not, which part need to be repair and which do not. Whether you know how to repair or not, you can learn more about your truck through this diagnostic device, thus saving unnecessary maintenance costs.


FCAR F506 -- New generation full systems diagnostic code reader, supports reading codes, clearing codes and live data of all electronic control modules. Bring you cost-effective vehicle diagnosing and maintaining.

What is "Full Systems Diagnostic Scanner"?

There are 4 major components of a vehicle: Body, Auxiliary electrical system and electronics, Power-train and chassis and Miscellaneous auto parts

Body main parts: body, doors, windows control module and so on

Electronics includes: audio device, ignition system, lighting, sensors, electrical switches ...

Power-train and chassis contains: braking system, engine, exhaust system, fuel supply system, suspension and steering systems, transmission system, etc.

Miscellaneous auto parts: A/C , bearings, hose and other parts.

F506 auto scan tool not only supports conventional engine, transmission, abs, srs, throttle, tire pressure, battery fault detection, but it covers almost all parts of the truck electronic control modules.

It's a great choice for everyone who owns a truck!


Overall Health Inspection for Vehicle Within Minutes

F506 support comprehensively scanning includes Fuel system, Transmission, Engine, Body, Power train and more.

This truck diagnostic tool can permeate various systems to read and clear DTCs data flow and then turns the warning light off.

1.Brake system,2.Meter system,3.Battery system,4.Inverter system,5.Hybrid system,6.Immobilizer system,7.HSA/CFS system,8.wabco ABS system

,9.Transmission system,10.ECU/BCU system,11.ABS/SRS system,12. Smother system,13.Retarder system,14.Cluth system,15.CHASSIS ESC (with EBS) system,16.Vehicle interface module

As well as diagnostic for drive systems include 1.Engine Control module,2.Idling stop/start module,3.integrated control module,4.battery control module,5.blueTec/SCR module,6.air suspension module,7.Anti-lock braking module,8.wheel brake special module,9.distance warning module,10.Headlamp Auto-Leveling module,11.Common powertrain controller,12.Combustion engine control unit,13.Scaning cruise/LDWS/PCS,14.Anti-theft devices.

Please note, F506 truck scan tool is capable of diagnosing the systems above, but cannot perform coding & programming or other Bi-directional test functions.


ABS (Brake Auto Bleed) / SRS (Adjustment steering-angle sensor)

The SRS crash data diagnose and reset. Read the SRS(Airbag) system error code accurately and erase the error code, turns off the airbag warning light. To prevent the dreadful danger caused by the airbag not working properly after a collision.

diagnostic function is used to retrieve and clear error code, display and save data streams or module information.What is more, the Auto Bleed function will help get air that is trapped in the ABS actuator module out when bleeding your brake lines to ensure that repairs to this vital system are effective and complete.