Rotunda Vcm3 Ford / Motorcraft Oem Factory Scan Tool (Excellent J2534 Pass Thru Vci)

Rotunda VCM3 - Ford / Motorcraft OEM Factory VCI and Programming Interface (J2534 Pass Thru VCI)

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The Ford VCM 3 is the OEM VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) for  Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles 1996+. The Ford VCM3 offers full dealer-level OEM diagnostics and reprogramming capabilities when paired with the Ford IDS diagnostics application on a Windows 10 PC.

The VCM 3 also offers wireless connectivity. Improved 802.11 wireless and SmartPower Management systems ensure reliable performance in extreme environments. The VCM 3 also supports J2534 protocols and can be used with most J2534 compliant OEM software.  

This kit includes the VCM 3 hardware, all necessary cables, and a wireless module.


Supports J2534 Protocols and can be used for MOST J2534 compliant OEM software

Ford VCM 3 Includes:

  • Full OEM Diagnostics and Programming
  • VCM 3 Hardware Kit, All Cables and Wireless Module Included
  • VCM3 is an Excellent J2534 Interface and can be used with other OEM software

FORD IDS Functions with VCM3

Requires IDS License (Sold Separately) 

Retrieve CMDTC's
KOEO (Key-On-Engine-Off)
KOER (Key-On-Engine-Running)
Data logger
Pressure/Vacuum Tests
Network Test
Module Programming
Programmable Module Installation
Module Reprogramming
Programmable Parameters
Body Tools
PATS Functions
*Some PATS Functions Require NASTF VSP for Aftermarket Users
Remote Keyless Entry
Factory Keyless Entry Code
Chassis Tools
Bleed anti-lock brakes
IVD Initialization Sequence
Ride Height Calibration
Pneumatic Test
Accurate Trim Test
Electrical Tools
Charging System Test
Parking Aid Switch Test
Powertrain Tools
Fuel Economy Test
Fuel System Test/Relative Injector Flow Test
(VCM and VMM modules are required on some vehicles)
Ignition System Test
Spark Duration PIDs
Power Balance Test
Relative Compression Test
Transmission Test
(IDS - Some vehicles require only VCM)
Engine Checks and OBD Tests
(Drive Cycle, Mode 01, Mode 06 & Mode 09)
EGR Test
Other Powertrain tests & functions