Rotunda Vcm3 Ford / Motorcraft Oem Factory Scan Tool (Excellent J2534 Pass Thru Vci)

Rotunda VCM3 - Ford / Motorcraft OEM Factory VCI and Programming Interface (J2534 Pass Thru VCI)

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Please Call (919) 408-7320 to check for availability.

$500 deposit required to secure your spot in queue (when on backorder) 

Due to the global chip shortage Rotunda VCM3 is on intergalactic backorder - place an order to ensure future fulfillment. 

Small quantities are arriving quarterly, orders will be shipped in the order they are received. 

CALL 919.408.7320 or email to pay deposit. 

Payment is due in full before VCI will ship. 

The Ford VCM 3 is the OEM VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) for  Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles 1996+. The Ford VCM3 offers full dealer-level OEM diagnostics and reprogramming capabilities when paired with the Ford IDS diagnostics application on a Windows 10 PC.

The VCM 3 also offers wireless connectivity. Improved 802.11 wireless and SmartPower Management systems ensure reliable performance in extreme environments. The VCM 3 also supports J2534 protocols and can be used with most J2534 compliant OEM software.  

This kit includes the VCM 3 hardware, all necessary cables, and a wireless module.


Supports J2534 Protocols and can be used for MOST J2534 compliant OEM software

Ford VCM 3 Includes:

  • Full OEM Diagnostics and Programming
  • VCM 3 Hardware Kit, All Cables and Wireless Module Included
  • VCM3 is an Excellent J2534 Interface and can be used with other OEM software

FORD IDS Functions with VCM3

Requires IDS License (Sold Separately) 

Retrieve CMDTC's
KOEO (Key-On-Engine-Off)
KOER (Key-On-Engine-Running)
Data logger
Pressure/Vacuum Tests
Network Test
Module Programming
Programmable Module Installation
Module Reprogramming
Programmable Parameters
Body Tools
PATS Functions
*See Note Below
Remote Keyless Entry
Factory Keyless Entry Code
Chassis Tools
Bleed anti-lock brakes
IVD Initialization Sequence
Ride Height Calibration
Pneumatic Test
Accurate Trim Test
Electrical Tools
Charging System Test
Parking Aid Switch Test
Powertrain Tools
Fuel Economy Test
Fuel System Test/Relative Injector Flow Test
(VCM and VMM modules are required on some vehicles)
Ignition System Test
Spark Duration PIDs
Power Balance Test
Relative Compression Test
Transmission Test
(IDS - Some vehicles require only VCM)
Engine Checks and OBD Tests
(Drive Cycle, Mode 01, Mode 06 & Mode 09)
EGR Test
Other Powertrain tests & functions