AUTEL - IAASUPG - IA900WA All Systems Upgrade Package - ADAS

AUTEL - IAASUPG - IA900WA All Systems Upgrade Package - ADAS

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AUTEL ADAS IAASUPG All Systems Upgrade Package for IA900WA

IA All Systems Upgrade adds All Systems ADAS calibration capabilities to Autel MaxiSYS Intelligent ADAS IA900 Wheel Alignment system and calibration system.

  • AVM mats for Cadillac CSC1004-06, Honda CSC1004-02 -03, Hyundai Kia CSC1004-04, Mitsubishi CSC1004-09, Nissan Infiniti CSC1004-11, VW CSC0804-01
  • RCW mats for Mercedes CSC1006-01 -2, Nissan CSC1006-03 -05, VW CSC0806-01
  • RADAR calibrators for ACC, BSM, FCW ACC Reflector CSC0602-01, Continental Plate CSC0602-02, Corner Reflector and Reflector Stand. CSC0802-01 CSC0800, Doppler Box CSC0605-01, Hitachi Plate CSC0802-08, VW ADR Plate CSC0602-08
  • LDWI patterns and targets for Alfa Romeo CSC601-10, Honda Acura CSC0601, Hyundai Kia CSC0601-09, Mazda CSC0601-12, Mercedes CSC0601-02, Mitsubishi CSC0601-22, Nissan Infiniti CSC0601-06LR, Subaru CSC0601-14, Toyota Lexus CSC0601-11, VW Audi Porsche CSC601-01
  • LDWII patterns and targets for Honda Acura CSC0601-08LR, Hyundai Kia CSC0601-07, Mazda CSC0601-13LR, Mercedes CSC0601-19, Nissan CSC0601-03LR, Subaru CSC0601-17, Toyota Lexus CSC0601-15
  • LDWIII target for Honda and Acura CSC0601-24-1, Hyundai Kia CSC0701-23, Toyota and Lexus CSC0601-25
  • Honda Lane Watch BSM camera calibration target and stand, CSC0805-02 CSC0802
  • Night Vision calibrators for VAG GM CSC0603-01, Mercedes CSC0803-01
  • Lidar calibrators for VW Audi CSC0602-04, Toyota CSC0802-04
  • One-year limited warranty covers package components

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